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Advanced planning vs last minute?

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It is the day before the Expo at Cromford Mills and we are making final preparations. We have been taking bookings for lunch and exhibition space for the last couple of months and more recently delegate reservations for the tutorials. Thank goodness the world has a good number of organised people prepared to plan their time and make commitments. If it wasn't for you guys events like this would be cancelled for fear of lack of interest. Early on we were delighted to meet our targets for exhibition space sales, presumably by those with a J in their MBTI* preferences.

From my MBTI training I recognise that I am in the group of people that does not naturally make that kind of time commitment and if I was a delegate I would be looking to keep my options open for as long as possible (for reference I am an ENTP). So I have been secretly amused by this morning's phone calls and the way the online booking form is buzzing with last minute action today. Other event organisers might find this last minute flurry of activity frustrating, but not this one. I was expecting people to be making last minute decisions and have absolutely no doubt that there will be people turning up tomorrow who haven't registered in advance.

In fact I have just taken a break to check my emails, one of which sums up my point by adding a line beneath the signature "(ps sorry it's so late!)".

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*MBTI or Myers Briggs Type Indicator