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Work Life Balance

I am pondering on work-life balance, prompted by a friend's question on Facebook. Here I am just back from a skiing holiday and about to go to my weekly art class so possibly I have the balance tipped in my favour just now! In favour of the 'life' element,that is, which is what most people want to enjoy more. My brother works in the hubub of the City of London and earns the dosh to buy his quality of life.

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Networking in Derbyshire

MBCnetworking, often known as Matlock Business Club, has been running networking in Derbyshire for 10 years. We changed the name to mbcnetworking so that networking meetings appeal to people across the region not just from the local town. The meetings are now held in Cromford Mill, which is becoming a hub for small businesses with its fantastic Creative Cromford meeting and hotdesking space.

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Grants for Derbyshire tourism businesses

Derbyshire County Council Sustainable Travel team - Capital funding for cycle facilities at tourism businesses

Our speaker at MBC business group this week was Michael Reardon from Derbyshire County Council’s Sustainable Travel team. Michael told the group about capital funds available to improve cycle facilities at tourism businesses across Derbyshire.

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What next on social media?

I sense there is going to be a significant social media change... the next big thing. What is it going to be? Tweeps are getting cured of their addiction, Facebook isn't changing much and if it did I'm not certain that people would change their use of it accordingly, Google+  is only just finding fascination in UK, and the other tools seem to me to be still quite niche.

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Local project - Staffordshire Moorlands business e-news

June 2013: With our HQ based in the Staffordshire Moorlands we are pleased to be supporting Helen Pakpahan of Staffordshire Moorlands District Council with the creation of an e-newsletter for businesses. The first step in the project is creating a database of contacts to receive the first e-newsletter later this summer.

If your business is in the Staffordshire Moorlands and you would like to receive the SMDC e-news please contact us to add your name to the list.

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Expo event management

The next time we say it would be a good idea to run an Expo in support of local businesses please remind us of the time commitment and responsibility. Thankfully Tuesday's MBCnetworking Expo event was cracking and good business was done by a number of the exhibitors and speakers. We are truly grateful to our speakers for giving up their time and freely offering their expertise to the delegates:

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Advanced planning vs last minute?

It is the day before the Expo at Cromford Mills and we are making final preparations. We have been taking bookings for lunch and exhibition space for the last couple of months and more recently delegate reservations for the tutorials. Thank goodness the world has a good number of organised people prepared to plan their time and make commitments. If it wasn't for you guys events like this would be cancelled for fear of lack of interest. Early on we were delighted to meet our targets for exhibition space sales, presumably by those with a J in their MBTI* preferences.

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Networking while walking on a nature reserve

Tomorrow morning I am going 'netwalking' at RSPB Coombes Valley, near Leek, with fellow business women. If anyone would like to join us please let me know or register online via the events calendar. I am looking forward to this networking event because it is bringing together two businesses that I work in - Henmore Marketing and Waymark Interpretation.

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