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What next on social media?

Catherine's picture

I sense there is going to be a significant social media change... the next big thing. What is it going to be? Tweeps are getting cured of their addiction, Facebook isn't changing much and if it did I'm not certain that people would change their use of it accordingly, Google+  is only just finding fascination in UK, and the other tools seem to me to be still quite niche.

Will it be one of the big players that revolutionises things - what is Microsoft up to? - or will a newbie appear with an unmissable product. Will Google, frankly, bully us into Goggle+ because of the impact on search engine rankings?

The trouble is the market is getting crowded and the users are suffering ennui. How many social media platforms can we bothered to put our energy into?

Are these the miserable musings of a rainy February morning or does anyone else agree with me? Nip to our Facebook page or Google + and post your thoughts or tweet to me on @IdeasStrategies. Consider this redirection to social media a test of my theory!